Pantheon uses fundamental analysis and a consistent process to drive returns as we look for high-quality businesses with high-quality management teams, diversified global businesses, durable brands, and which are trading at a discount to our intrinsic value calculations. Quality characteristics typically include: Larger Market Capitalization, Lower Beta, Stable Earnings and Dividend Growth, High/Stable Return on Equity (ROE), Low Leverage, Superior Balance Sheets, “Annuity” Revenue Stream, and Stable Investor Bases. These companies typically have Free Cash Flow Flexibility long-term.


Pantheon analyzes a spectrum of opportunities. We are not constrained by a style box or market cap restrictions. We search for attractively valued securities (including fixed income and international equities) that can produce capital appreciation and a growing stream of income. Our tendencies lead us to primarily larger capitalization companies that pay a dividend. Nonetheless, we would not ignore opportunities in companies that offer the potential for future initiation of dividends.


  • No current dividend
  • Incremental Cash Flow Improvement
  • Above Market Earnings Growth
  • Long-Duration Prospects
  • ​Reasonable likelihood that dividends will be paid in the future*

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  • High Dividend Yield
  • High Payout Ratio
  • Mature Earnings Growth
  • High Free Cash Flow
  • Returns Above Cost of Capital
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantages

* This is the expressed opinion of the Portfolio Manager. This does not represent a guarantee of dividend income. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any of the securities listed in The Initiators. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Investors should consult with their tax advisor regarding dividend tax treatment. Dividend payout is not a guarantee by the issuers and is subject to change and payout frequency. Investors should read carefully the issuer’s prospectus, if applicable, and the registered investment advisor's disclosure documents prior to participating in a managed program.


  • Dividend Growth & Yield
  • Low, Rising Payout Ratio
  • Earnings Growth
  • Declining Capital Intensity
  • ​Accelerating Free Cash Flow
  • High Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)